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King of the Studio


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Photographer - VA, LA & NYC

Ashly Covington

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Queen of the Judging


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MakeUp & Wardrobe Styling - LA

Diahann McCrary

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We are excited to give a NO PRESSURE and FUN headshot or portrait experience to the LA community. Our story started when Ashly was photographing a director's headshots for press for a film festival. The Director, like a lot of people seeking headshots HATED the thought of having to have them made. She woke up the morning of the session and wasn't happy with her hair or makeup and called in a panic. Ashly suggested that the shoot be postponed for a day and told her to ask that cool girl that did makeup for her last film. That cool girl was Diahann and the next day the three of them came together 20 minutes of laughing and playing later, the Director had exactly the images she wanted 100% STRESS FREE! Within two weeks, Ashly & Diahann were building an indoor studio (to add to the current natural light studio), creating a safe and beautiful world to create images that let everyone shine while making images that show the star that they are!

Add two cats and the rest is history!!